Bridegroom and Bride

The Proposal

~~~ That Special Day ~~~

Date: 29th Jan 2011

Venue: Takashimaya Civic Plaza

Time: 9pm plus

Weather: Rainy


(Before the proposal, getting ready)


She says:

Still remember 2 weeks before that, dear was telling me that he won't be free on 29th as he got reunion dinner at ah ma's house. I wasn't involved as I'm still not part of the family. I fully understood and thus decided to have some meet up with my gal friends.

Hence I dated Anna and Liting out for shopping. Still remembered that day we went to Nex to shop and had our lunch. Halfway thru, dear called and asked if I would like to accompany him to go and view cars. Therefore my friends went along too. After that we went to have early light dinner at old airport road. I kept reminding dear not to eat too much as he still have his reunion dinner later. But ended up he still bought alot of food. I was thinking, he is quite a big eater, thus it shouldn't be of any problem to him then.

After dinner, dear have to head to ah ma's house. As Anna suggested going to Orchard, thus we made our way there. During the journey to Orchard, Anna's hubby Marshall called and said he would like to join us later.

We went around shopping and 2 hours flies, Marshall is still not here thus I asked Anna. Anna only merely mentioned that Marshall took very long to get ready to get out of the house, that's why.

Throughout the night, I was keep thinking how is dear at ah ma's house? Have he eaten? I also end up looking at my phone many times just to see if he will call or message me.

After some time, Marshall finally arrived. I still remembered we were at Kinokuniya when he called Anna. He asked us to meet him outside Taka, Civic Plaza area. Therefore we slowly made our way down. When we are just about to walk out of taka, I was asking Anna where is her hubby. And she pointed him to me saying he is outside smoking. Without any hesitation, I just continued walking.

I saw a crowd standing outside Taka. As it was raining, I thought those people might be waiting for the rain to stop. However I saw some of them were snapping away with their cameras or phones. I didn't think much and thought there might be some interesting nice decorations outside and thus they are snapping away?

Marshall waved to our direction, signal us to walk to his side. At first I thought he was signalling to his wife therefore I did not move. Suddenly he shouted "Meiling" "Meiling". I got a shocked. But I still walked towards him.

When I walked to his side, he asked me to look infront. Before I realised anything, I was totally stunned! I saw my dear stood in the middle, under the rain, holding two huge boards. 1 holding right up with both his hands and the other was hanging on his neck.

"Will You Marry Me?"

I was too shocked at that point of time. The person whom I thought should be at ah ma's house having his dinner, appeared infront of me!

Dear shouted loudly "Meiling, will you marry me?" An angmo guy next to me happily asked me to say yes.

Still in shocked mode, I nodded my head and said yes. I walked towards dear. He was totally wet. I asked him why was he standing in the rain? He said some words and I cried. I cried cos I'm very touched. I cried cos I'm very happy. I cried cos my heart ache for him.

Dear kneeled down, proposed and wore the ring for me.

The crowd around us clapped happily to give us the blessing.

After that then I realised that he had stood in the rain for nearly 20 mins?

And it was a plan that my two gal friends are totally aware of it too. Yet, i didn't even suspect anything?

I was very touched by dear. Imagined he have to stood in the rain, in such a public area for 20 mins, with the 2 huge boards, and the crowd were snapping away and looking, it really needs alot of courage to do it.

Dear Dear, thank you for all the things you have done all these while! Thanks for all the loves you have shower to me! I love you!

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