Bridegroom and Bride

Strangers becomes Lovers

She says:

How did my darling win my heart?


Once there was a quiet, anti social gal. Her life only revolves work and home. She may seems to be a cheerful happy go lucky gal but yet deep in her heart she knows herself well.

Due to her previous heartbreak, she decided not to get involves in r/s anymore and all her friends and family members around her never seen her dating anymore. She would just rather spend her day slacking at home.

Time flies, 8 years passed. Although she always gets to know new friends, be it in real life or from online, she never tried/wanted to step out and get to know them even more.

Until 1 day, when she met him online. Initially she only treat him as another online friend. He is a very chatty guy. After a few chats, she realised she was very comfortable chatting with him and they can chat anything under the sun. Especially as she is someone who don't really shares her feelings and stuffs to much people, but she seems to be able to shares alot of her stuffs with this online friend.

They exchanged contacts shortly and begins to contact by smses and calls. After some time, he tried to ask her out but was rejected. Until one day, when she was out watching movies with a gal friend, he called and upon knowing that she was on her way home, he volunteered to send her back, giving excuses that he was just nearby. She tried to reject but he was very firm this time round. And surprisingly she gave in. The 1st meet up was quite good. They had a great chat on the way home. And the truth was he was at home. (He is staying at Jurong and she is staying at Bedok). And he rushed down just to send her home. And the journey just took less than half an hour.

Since then he have tried to come down all the way to her block just to catch a glimpse of her. He knew she loves chocolates which will makes her happy, he will drop by and giving her all sort of chocolates. And he tried to remember everything about her.

She was touched by his gestures. He wasn't pushy and was really very sincere. And he never fails to makes her laugh.

And after some consideration, she finally decides to open her heart and gives a try. And true enough, she did not make a wrong decision. She finally found someone who truly loves and dotes her. And now they are getting ready to tie a knot next year. Fate is really a special thing. =)


He Says:


How Cupid strike between the both of us‏

It was an usual monday blues that evening. After I was done with my dinner, i went hiding into my room. As there was nothing for me to do, i decided to switch on my lappy and does internet surfing. I went into a webby: Who Lives Near You and checked in to the garage sale. After looking around for any good deals, i went into whos online. I scrolled down the list and saw the usual neighbours who are online. So that didn't really bothered me that much. Out of curiousity, I saw Meiling who is online, I decided to try something cheeky and messaged her "hi". Guess what? The next moment, I got a door knock sound "knock knock"(a reply notification sound to indicate recipent received a private message) It was her who replied! I was like hmm... She's the same age as me, should be quite a chatty person like me(I assumed). So I began off with how's her day at work blah blah blahzz... She was a pretty quiet person and it was about 1 hour of waiting and 3 mins of actual conversation. This goes on for about 1 weeks and we exchanged msn(Cos of the waiting time to reply is too slow) So thru msn, I got to know her more n more(almost like an employer interviewing a prospective employee) For one moment, I thought to myself, is she really single?(Cos peers around our age is either attached,married or some divorced) When i asked if she is really single(as what she state on her profile, she "yes") I was like pretty puzzled but that doesn't really bothered me cos I was too engrossed when chatting with her. After a week of exchanging msn(s), I got more comfortable and decided to asked for her number instead as the 2-3hrs after work n back home chatting msn wasn't enough for the both of us. So as time goes by, we not only exchange msn(s) but as well as sms(s) too! There are a few occasions when I was really very eager to meet her up in real person(That's perhaps my theory of sincere being friends than hiding behind the comp screen) But sadly, I was being rejected a few times.
On that special day,
I was back home after work and was lazing on my bed watching the usual TV program. Nothing to do, I messaged her and asked her where she is, she replied : "I am now on my way heading home after a movie with my friend." So without thinking much, i asked her if i could send her home as it would be pretty late, she declined. But this time round, i tell myself : I DON'T CARE. I want to meet you! WAHAHA!!! So i insisted to her and tell her it's along the way as I was around the area(In fact,It's pure bullshit cos I was at home for the real fact and further more, I stayed in jurong n she in bedok! What a crap to say it's along the way!)I persisted and told her i will reached there in less than 15mins to fetch her. She finally gave in! I jumped out from my bed and changed from my usual sleeping wear to my casual wear and rushed down. When on the way,i was kinda nervous! But however, I tell myself, damn it.. I must leave a very good impression to her! So upon reaching Outram park MRT station, I called her. Then she was!!! She didn't saw me(Cos I didn't told her that I drove) My heartbeat was like F1 but i maintained my cool n jokingly chatted with her. I was like a chatterbox who keeps on talk n talk. Thank god,we are on the same channel! So the journey from Outram Park MRT station turned out really good! Upon reaching her place, i was like "Argh! Why did I drive so fast!?(In fact,I was almost road hogging already).
A day has passed and it seems quiet. I was like : Sighz! Must be a switched off already lah... Just as I was heading to my lunch,out of the usual habit of messaging her to remind her to have her lunch, I messaged her. And WOW! She replied! I was like :Erm... I thought you didn't wanna talk to me anymore. She explained : she was tired and went straight to bed after she reached home... I was here : Phew! So our conversation went on and on.... That's where our love story began!So I decided to ask her: Will you be my gf? She replied : We could try it out !I was like : YIPEE!!! I got it!!!
This is where our love story began!
From total stranger -> Online friend -> Friend -> Couple -> ROM on the 30th June 2011 -> Customary wedding on the 17th March 2012

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